Marketing & sales

Would you like to help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner; acquire substantial new assignments and attract long-term clients?

You will have to make the marketing and sales efforts of your organization more online, better measurable, and above all more personal. This won’t happen overnight. It requires quite a bit of work. The trick is to keep things manageable. Turn strategy into action as soon as possible, allowing results of efforts to become visible. Herein lies my strength.

Specifically I can help you as follows:

Doelstelling Based on the corporate objectives we determine personal, online marketing & sales goals for your organization, teams, and colleagues. Also, we look at the different client segments and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), just like the way to measure success. Add a rationale and you have your People Centred online marketing & sales strategy.
Analyse Next, we analyze the current situation. We look at marketing and sales processes, people who are executing these processes, and tools and content that are currently used for this. This not only provides you with a base line, you also know the starting point from which to get to the desired situation.
Stappenplan When you know where you are and where you want to go, it’s time to develop a concrete action plan. It really helps to set a time limit for the execution, for example 100 days. Within 3 months, you and your colleagues realize your goals by taking concrete steps.
Meetmethode Since you not only want to book successes, but also share these successes, we develop a measuring method and set up reporting possibilities. This allows you to measure the efforts and results periodically and provide the different stakeholders within your organization with the right feedback.
Aan de slag! As a project manager I love to help you and your colleagues actually execute the steps from the (100-day) action plan. I teach you new skills, cooperate with you when required, and make sure we meet our planned goals.
Inspiratiesessies & workshops I can also help by providing inspiration sessions and workshops. During these sessions, we answer 2 questions for the participants: “Why should you invest your valuable time in a personal, online marketing and sales strategy?” And then: “How can you do this in the most effective and efficient way?”
Check-in When the project is launched, the first results are booked, and the change is set in motion, it’s time to stand on your own two feet. However, you’re not alone. Periodically, for example once every quarter, we plan a sparring session to check the pulse of the project and determine the steps you need to take. This allows for a sustainable approach and long-lasting results.

I love to help you make the marketing and sales efforts of your organization more online, better measurable, and above all more personal. Preferably I do this in a project that contains all of the steps above, because this is the most effective. However, it’s also possible to do some of the required work yourself or have it done by others.

Curious about the possibilities for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization?