People Centered Growth

Acquire substantial new assignments. Attract long-term clients. Find and retain happy employees. In short, realize growth in a responsible manner. This is absolutely possible. Also, for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization. It can be done by focusing on people (employees and their target groups); People Centered Growth is what I call it.

As a strategic adviser and project manager I can help you realize growth. I do this together with Stéphan Lam, online strategist and author of the book “Employees as Online Ambassadors”. Stéphan and I have combined over 20 years of practical experience and best practices in a unique approach. A way to make People Centered Growth the new norm in 5 phases.

Based on the needs and wishes of your organization, we’ll determine which phases and steps are required. The People Centered Growth approach always results in a tailor-made program, that allows us the greatest chance for success – also for your organization.

Please note!

Many of the steps we use to implement People Centered Growth can be taken online.

This means, we can still work on realizing your growth objectives: acquire new assignments, attract long-term clients, find and retain happy employees. Even, when you and your colleagues are currently required to work from home.

Fase 0 - Spark!

Phase 0 – Spark!

Not everyone within your organization is convinced about the People Centered Growth approach. There’s still some doubt about the usefulness and necessity.

We’ll change this during a tailor-made Spark! session. A session that takes about 2 hours and consists of 3 parts.

  1. Inspiration through practical examples
  2. A taste of the program by working pragmatically with a number of critical success factors
  3. Enough time for questions

After a Spark! session, the participants understand what People Centered Growth can mean for your organization. On a high level they’ve determined a growth ambition. They know how people will be supported in developing and applying new skills. And, they understand the usefulness and necessity of a proper measuring and reporting tool.

Fase 1 - Ruimte creëren

Phase 1 – Create room

Your organization wishes to realize growth and understands the possibilities of a People Centered Growth approach. In phase 1, we create room within the existing company culture and structure. This, in order to allow people to use (new) tools in a different way and book the first growth results.

Phase 1 consists of 5 steps:

  1. Check foundation (mission, vision & strategy)
  2. Determine growth ambition
  3. Map starting point
  4. Select (& motivate) people involved
  5. Provide people involved with time and focus

Should we be unable to create room, this means the organization is not ready for People Centered Growth at this moment in time. Very unfortunate of course. However, you’ll learn so in an early stage – without investing too much.

If we are able to create room, we’ll quickly start with a pilot project!

Fase 2 - Pilot project

Phase 2 – Pilot project

Your organization is ready to start rolling out People Centered Growth. In phase 2, we realize growth by focusing on people. At first, we’ll do this during a 6-month pilot project. A small group of people learns new skills, puts these to practice, and books the first growth results.

Phase 2 consists of 5 steps:

  1. Set project goals & KPIs
  2. Learn new marketing & selling skills
  3. Put new marketing & selling skills to practice
  4. Define best practices for your organization
  5. Determine follow-up

At the end of phase 2, the first tangible results of a People Centered Growth approach have been realized. We’ve tested in practice how new skills can be deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible. And, we’ve developed a clear picture of the follow-up.

Fase 3 / 4 - Schalen / Implementeren

Phase 3 / 4 – Scale / implement

After your organization has experienced first hand what People Centered Growth can mean for them, it’s time for the next step. We can either implement the approach in the entire organization. Or, we can scale up in a follow-up pilot.

In a follow-up pilot we can go for width or depth. In the first case, we’ll get to work with a new group of participants. In the latter case, we’ll dive deep into the matter with the same group of participants.

Scaling or implementing will be done in 5 steps:

  1. Check foundation, growth ambition & starting point
  2. Determine new growth ambition
  3. Select (& motivate) people involved
  4. Provide people involved with time and focus
  5. Follow-up pilot or implementation – see steps from phase 2

At the end of phase 3 / 4, People Centered Growth has become the new norm for your organization. Everyone to whom it’s relevant, uses new marketing & selling skills as if they’ve never done it any other way. New results are booked. The organization realizes growth by focusing on people. Now and in the future.

Fase 5 - Periodieke check-in

Phase 5 – Periodical check-ins

The only constant is change and obviously this is also true for your organization. People come and go. The market changes. This may require another vision and a new strategy. The organization is structured in a different way. Or, new tools are put into service.

During a periodical check-in, we consider the impact of these changes on the People Centered Growth approach for your organization. Once every quarter, we’ll come by to see if you’re still happy with the results booked and the way they are booked. Together we’ll assess where adjustments are required in order to maximize the returns of the approach.