Proposition development

Would you like to help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner; acquire substantial new assignments and attract long-term clients?

Unfortunately, your services alone will not be enough. The distinctive character of services and products is often very limited. Although the services you provide are – obviously – better than those your competitors, the competition does offer the exact same services. Sometimes, even literally a couple of doors down from your office.

So, how do you make a difference? By developing a strong value proposition, that allows you to showcase the added value your organization delivers.

Specifically I can help you as follows:

Intake During an intake we determine who you are developing a value proposition for. This so called persona will be central during the forthcoming value proposition workshop. First, we map the demographic characteristics of your persona, as well as their personality details. Also, we select the participants to the workshop.
Waardepropositie-workshop During the value proposition workshop we fill out a value proposition canvas together with the participants. We analyze tasks of the selected persona, have a look at the pains they’re experiencing and the goals they’re pursuing. Then, we map your products and services. We analyze which pains can be relieved and in what way your services and products help achieve goals.
Rapport After the workshop, you receive a report containing the results. The report can be used as input when innovating services or products, or when optimizing marketing and sales efforts.
Business Model Canvas Before actually adjusting services and products, you might want to test the viability of a value proposition. You can do this on paper. During a number of sessions we wrap a business model around the value proposition, as it where. On the one hand we look at the required activities, resources, partners, and the costs that are involved. On the other we map client relationships, distribution channels, and revenues generated.

I love to help you develop value propositions for existing client segments, services, or products, but also new clients segments and services or products to be developed.

Curious about the possibilities for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization?