Would you like to help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner; acquire substantial new assignments and attract long-term clients?

You will possibly have to sharpen or even radically change the value proposition(s) of your organization and the underlying services. As you know the world has changed and you will have to change along. That sounds intense and that’s exactly what it is. Fortunately, there are clear processes you can use to convert ideas into value.

Specifically I can help you as follows:

Next Together with the people from NEXT we roll out the  NEXT innovation platform in your organization. This application supports you and your colleagues as a personal innovation coach. Within a number of phases you will go from insights to value. First, you set up a Briefing that consists of your challenge, team members, and a planning.

Then, during the Sensing phase, you get to work on defining multiple personas. You look at goals, retrieve pains, find insights, and discover behavior. With this information you create a sharpened version of the challenge.

In the Visioning phase you create ideas and discover killer and support features for your solution.

These features are turned into prototypes, that in the Prototyping phase are tested with experts and users. You discover likes and dislikes, possible questions, and new ideas.

And finally in the Scaling phase, you determine the business model for your innovation, which consists of cost and revenue streams, distribution channels, organization structure, 100 day action plan, elevator pitch, and competitive advantages.

Future 1-daagse Together with the people from VANAD Bliss we discover how future proof your services actually are during a Future one-day event. During this one-day workshop you shape the future of your organization. Together with a carefully selected team of colleagues you work on exploring the environment and deepening the challenge. Then, we develop a battle plan for the winning idea and lay the foundation for a future business model.

I love to help you innovate existing services and products, so that they are more in line with what the market wishes and expects. Or, develop services that are radically different and totally new, so that you can turn the world upside down.

Curious about the possibilities for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization?