Marketing strategy

As a strategic marketing adviser I help marketers translate their organizational strategy into a concrete marketing strategy that evolves around people, stories and measurable results.

When to call me?

You call me when your organizational strategy changes.

Or, if you finally want to turn those high-level plans into actual, measurable results.

A new board, a new director or a new managing partner. It often means new plans.

A new direction for your organization.

Your organization wants to bring in new clients, attract the right talent or strengthen their reputation on a strategic topic. Sustainability, for example. Or diversity.

I help you translate your organizational strategy, which is often quite abastract, into a concrete marketing strategy.

A plan that evolves around people, stories and actual, measurable results.

Previously, I had the pleasure to advice a.o.

I love to help!

I help you develop and implement a clear marketing strategy.

Together we translate your organizational strategy into concrete marketing goals and measurable KPIs.

I help you find and convince stakeholders, so that everyone is one the same page.

I help you set up all conditions for a successful project. To put together a team that has sufficient insights and clout.

I help you develop an action plan. To agree on who does what when. And to determine the desired outcomes.

Think big, but start small. That is what I believe in.