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Visible leadership

In a few practical sessions I help board members, partners, directors, and subject matter experts become visible as the leader they are and want to be.


Why visible leadership?

As a leader you want to realize change and impact. For yourself and your organization.

You have clear and distinctive ideas for the future. For your organization. Maybe even for the world.

Your envisioned future becomes a reality when people – inside and outside your organization – start to behave differently. As a leader you are the one who needs to motivate them into action.

This requires you to be involved. To show which values ​​and themes are important. For yourself and your organization. In a way that fits you and matches your goals.

With visible leadership you bring yourself and your organization one step closer to your desired vision for the future.

Visible leadership in 4 steps

Are you ready to become visible as the leader you are and want to be?
We will work together in 8 weekly (online) workshops of about 60 minutes!


- 1 -
We set a personal goal, aligned with an overarching corporate objective.

- 2 -
We analyze your current personal brand on a desired theme or topic.

- 3 -
We determine and analyze your target group(s).


- 4 -
We determine your desired positioning.

- 5 -
We create a unique / contrasting story.

Taking the stage

- 6 -
We optimize your online profiles, e.g. on LinkedIn, a personal, or corporate website.

- 7 -
We grow your relevant reach.

- 8 -
We develop a content calendar and I help you create and distribute your content.


Optionally we measure (and report) on your monthly efforts & results.

I proactively help you by providing direction and support if needed.

Previously, I had the pleasure to work with leaders at

Leadership qualities

By now, you probably have an idea of ​​visible leadership and what it can do for you.

We will mainly work on leadership qualities such as …

  • conveying your vision,
  • establishing connections with people inside and outside your organization,
  • opening up by showing who you are and what is important to you,
  • making your involvement visible
  • and reflecting on your own positioning.