Visible leadership

Turn ideas into impact!

You are…

A board member, partner, director or manager. Or you will be one soon.

People are impressed with your subject matter expertise. You however don’t think anything special of it.

You see the world is changing. And that something needs to be done with important themes such as sustainability, diversity and digitization. You sure have ideas about that, but they are not very concrete yet.

It is therefore not very clear to people how you and your organization distinguish yourselves in the market.

I like to help you…

Translate your ideas on important themes into a clear, distinct vision for the future.

To convey that vision in a way that appeals to people. So that they will see you and your organization as an authority and are set in motion.

To strengthen your reputation on relevant themes, increase trust in you and your organization and reinforce relationships with the market.

To make an impact that goes beyond being awarded contracts and attracting talent. To really leave something behind.

Let’s get started with visible leadership

Visible leadership is a tailor-made 1:1 coaching track.

We work together during active workshop. We translate your ideas into a vision and your vision into appealing stories.


Together we determine your positioning. How do you distinguish yourself from others?

We develop a clear, distinct vision for the future.

We link your vision to your core values, to your believes and to what makes you credible.

We analyze your target audience.

We link your intended efforts to your organizational strategy, determine which actions you will take and how we will measure success.


We will work on your presentation. You determine which parts of your current presentation you will keep, magnify or remove.

We optimize your profiles and strengthen your network.

We translate your vision into appealing stories and ensure that you reach your target group. So that they are set in motion.

We measure your efforts and results. We adjust where necessary.

Previously, I had the pleasure to work with leaders at

Leadership qualities

Visible leadership enables you to work on leadership qualities like…

  • developing and conveying your vision,
  • establishing connections with people inside and outside your organization,
  • opening up by showing who you are and what is important to you,
  • making your involvement visible
  • and reflecting on your own positioning.