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Realize growth in a responsible manner by focusing on people. That’s what I help knowledge-heavy B2B organizations with.


For whom?

I help board members, partners & directors, department heads & managers, and subject matter experts who want to…

  • Grow their organization; strengthen their reputation on relevant themes, increase their market share, uncover new markets, attract the right talent,
  • Transform their organization or department; collaborate in a team and department transcendent way, work (together) differently, really focus on the organization’s different target groups.
  • Strenghten their own position; becoming publicly visible as a thought leader on relevant themes.

Visible leadership

As a leader you want to realize change and impact. For yourself and your organization.

You have clear and distinctive ideas for the future. For your organization. Maybe even for the world.

Your envisioned future becomes a reality when people – inside and outside your organization – start to behave differently. As a leader you are the one who needs to motivate them into action.

This requires you to be involved. To show which values ​​and themes are important. For yourself and your organization. In a way that fits you and matches your goals.

With visible leadership you bring yourself and your organization one step closer to your desired vision for the future.


Personal branding


Strategic advice

What if your communications and marketing efforts would have the effects you wanted them to have?

Improved communications are no solution to your communications challenge…

This may sound a bit strange, but I’m convinced that a challenge in your (marketing) communications is almost always caused by a challenge in your organization. A lack of knowledge, an attitude that works counterproductive, or behavior that isn’t aligned with the ambitions of your organization.

As a strategic adviser, I help you find the real challenge and solve it. Together we make sure people feel the right things, know them, and do them. In order for your (marketing) communications efforts to start paying off.

Thought leadership

With our thought leadership approach Stéphan Lam and I help your organization create impact, so that more clients and potential employees choose to work with you.

With the Thought Leadership Program we help 10-15 professionals from your organization develop themselves into thought leaders.

With the 1:1 Thought Leadership Track we support board members, partners, directors, and subject matter experts who want to position themselves more strongly (online).

Our approach is based on a combined 20 years of experience and marketing and selling best practices.

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