For marketers

Are you responsible for the marketing efforts of a knowledge-heavy B2B-organization?

Are trust and relationships key to the success of your organization? Do clients award you assignments only when they know and trust your people?

Then, this is a chance. And a challenge at the same time. Because, the subject matter experts from your organization often lack essential insights and specific marketing skills.

I happily help you to retrieve insights and to develop skills, enabling you to reach your marketing goals and your organization to grow.

For leaders

Are you a leader tasked with change?
Do you see and feel that things need to be done differently? In your organization, but also in the world?

Whichever change is your responsibility, you will have to set other people in motion. By providing them with a clear direction. And by motivating them to adjust their behavior.

Challenging, because taking a step back and thinking about the future can be difficult.

I happily help you to free up time and space, to develop a clear vision and to convey this vision in an appealing manner.