I help professional service firms iron out the hiccups in their marketing.
And achieve the results that match their ambition.

No more hiccups in your marketing

Are you experiencing hiccups in your marketing? Are your marketing and business development efforts falling short? And the desired results lacking?

The cause may lie in the execution, but can more often be traced back to an unconscious tactical miss or a strategic decision that wasn’t made.

I’ll help you optimize your marketing and business development efforts. And achieve the results that match your organization’s ambition.

Together we ensure a robust marketing strategy. We map out your ideal clients, establish a distinct and different positioning and determine measurable objectives.

We also scrutinize your tactics. Are you spending your budget on the right things? Does your team possess the required skills? Are your processes in order? And do your KPIs tell a story that is coherent and beneficial?

And we optimize your execution. Through marketing experiments we learn how to affect your target group and set them in motion. Enabling your organization to achieve the results that match their ambition.

Previously, I provided marketing & business development advice to organizations like…

Go-to-market strategy; developed & executed

Are you looking to take a new service to market? Or increase your market share? Then you need a go-to-market strategy.

I’ll help you develop or refine such a strategy.

Think about: analyzing target group(s), developing value proposition(s), optimizing value delivery, ensuring alignment with mission & vision and devising marketing initiatives.

A strategy without execution is nothing more than an illusion. Therefore, I’ll also help you execute the strategy.

Think about: setting up processes, supporting subject matter experts in the execution of marketing initiatives, measuring efforts & reporting results, managing stakeholders and adjusting along the way.

Need help with individual components? That is also possible!

Sparring partner for marketers & business developers

Making the right strategic and tactical decisions can be quite challenging if you are responsible for marketing & business development.

Time to think about strategic and tactical issues is almost always limited. As is the marketing & business development knowledge of colleagues.

In short: your professional life can sometimes be quite lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. As an MBD sparring partner, I’ll support you when you need it.

Think of: setting objectives, determining KPIs, mapping out target groups, devising value propositions, developing a vision, involving subject experts in your marketing, setting up processes, measuring efforts & reporting results and managing stakeholders.

Previously, I facilitated working & inspirational sessions at organizations like…

Working & inspirational sessions for subject matter experts

The subject matter experts from your organization play an essential role in your marketing. After all, it’s their expertise and experience that is marketed. And they are responsible for the relationships with the market.

Involve them in your marketing and realize your organization’s ambitions together.

I’ll help you inspire your colleagues and set them in motion during a tailor-made inspirational or working session.

Together we’ll determine the topic of the session. It can cover marketing for professional service firms, personal branding, positioning and presentation, or thought leadership.