As a strategic adviser & project manager, I help knowledge-heavy B2B organizations with what I call people centered growth: realize growth in a responsible manner. Acquire substantial new assignments, attract long-term clients, find and retain happy employees.

I prefer not to write hefty advisory reports. Instead, I help you develop a thorough strategy, that is still as brief as possible. Together we make the required tactical decisions. On top of that, you can count on my support during the operational execution of our plans.

I can help…

  • Analyze the current situation within your organization;
  • Articulate goals, determine KPIs, set a measurement methodology, and develop reports;
  • Perform target group analyses;
  • Develop value propositions;
  • Plan and execute pilot projects to demonstrate the possibilities for your organization;
  • Integrate successful new methods into existing processes;
  • And periodical sparring sessions.

Curious about the possibilities for your organization?