If you would like to realize growth for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization in a responsible manner, you will have to focus on people.

Whether you are…

  • developing a value proposition,
  • innovating your organization’s services,
  • or optimizing marketing and sales efforts.

Especially in a time in which everyone is 24/7 connected to one another online, in which there’s an abundance of freely accessible information, and in which artificial intelligence and bots are taking over more and more of our tasks.

People Centered Growth

People Centered Growth, I like to call it. Nowadays, more important than ever because of…

Digitale technologie Digital technology. Artificial intelligence and bots take over more and more of our tasks. “Everything that can be automated will be automated,” people sometimes say. I think they are right. Because technology is able to do a lot of tasks cheaper, better, and faster than humans. Clients expect organizations to invest in these technologies and allow them to reap the benefits thereof. At the same time, technology will free up worker’s time, which they can then spend on personal contact with clients.
Informatie is geen macht meer At the same time, “information” is no longer synonymous with “power”. In the past, organizations were able to sit on top of information, so to speak, and have people pay for access to that information. Nowadays, this is hardly an option anymore. Mainly, because a lot of information is stored in public databases that are freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Just information no longer allows you to make a difference. Clients expect organizations to help them with information that is specifically relevant to them.
Online sociale connectiviteit And finally, about a third of the world’s population is connected to one another online. Due to this enormous online social connectivity, it’s easier than ever before for people to get in contact with other people. Also, this connectivity enables information – correct or not – to spread more easily and rapidly than in the (recent) past. This is why clients expect that they’re able to get in contact with organizations quickly and 24/7.

People do business with people

In a short period of time, the world has changed. However… people still do business with other people. Especially in a knowledge-heavy B2B environment, in which there are roughly 3 reasons why people choose to work with your organization:

Jouw merk Your organization’s brand; the promise to your clients, your organization’s image which consists of brand awareness and reputation.
Producten & diensten The knowledge and expertise in your head and those of your colleagues; translated into products and services, of which the distinctive character in the market – unfortunately – is very limited.
Zakelijke relaties The professional relationship people establish and strengthen with you and your colleagues; (potential) clients have to know you and be aware you can help them. Then, they have to trust you, before they grant you new business.

Would you like to help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner; acquire substantial new assignments and attract long-term clients? I love to help!