About Jochem

My beliefs, what projects I prefer to work on and what you can expect from me.

My beliefs

Marketing plays an essential role in every business. Before you can deliver value, you need to attract the attention of potential clients first and interest them in your services.

For professional service firms, marketing is a shared responsibility. It involves both the marketing department and the subject matter experts from your organization. As they cultivate relationships with the market and trust from their clients.

Your colleagues however, are not marketers. While they may be packed with expertise and experience, that alone is not sufficient. To affect your target group and set them in motion, you need compelling and convincing stories.

Involve your subject matter experts in your marketing and see it improve dramatically. This change however, takes time and effort. My advice is always to think big, but start slow.

Impact, expertise & insights

Making an impact is paramount to me. Setting people in motion, both within and outside of your organization. To achieve the results that match your organization’s ambition.

I love working with experts who have a deep understanding of a particular subject. Who are very good at something, but modest at the same time. Who have been walking the walk for years, but find it difficult to also talk the talk.

It makes me happy when I provide them with new insights. When I explain something that makes things fall into place. When I give them a tool or template that makes marketing easier and more fun.

Working with Jochem

When we work together, I give my 100%. Dedication is extremely important to me.

Just like working towards actual, business results. Through my work, I help you achieve your organization’s growth objectives.

Together, we create connection. We strengthen the relationship between subject matter experts and your target audiences.

That’s how we collaboratively set people in motion.