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About Jochem

As a strategic adviser, I help knowledge-heavy B2B organizations realize growth; strengthen reputations, generate leads, and attract talent. At first, I did this as a paid employee at a Big 4 firm. Since the summer of 2013, I’ve been self-employed. I mainly work on location or (online) from my office in the Archipel area in The Hague.

Preferably I work for what I call knowledge-heavy B2B organizations.

These are professional services firms, like consulting firm Berenschot, Big 4 advisory firm EY, and the lawyers and tax advisers of Loyens & Loeff. They can also be other commercial B2B organizations, like construction company Heembouw, rail infra company Railpro, or real estate organization Schiphol Real Estate.


Critical specialists

I love these organizations that are filled with critical specialist, which I mean less disrespectful than it may sound. It’s amazing to work with people that are extremely knowledgable on a certain topic and speak passionately about this. Whether it’s tax advice, leadership development, building according to the Building Information Model, managing real estate, or developing the best superstructure materials for heavy rail. I think it’s all equally great.

My love for these kind of organizations grew during 2011 and 2013 when I worked as a senior social business consultant for Deloitte. Being part of the communications department, a few colleagues and I were allowed to make the whole Dutch Deloitte organization “social”. What this meant exactly, we could figure out ourselves. Fantastic! We traveled the whole country, spoke to tax advisers, consultants, and accountants everywhere, and helped them to strengthen relationships with their target groups using social media.


Project management & communications

Before I joined Deloitte, I worked as a project manager for online agencies. We built websites, online ticketing systems, and applications for all kinds of clients. Today, I still use the project management skills I developed during that time. Especially the Scrum and agile elements. Also the developer and designer language that I learned to speak and understand, still comes in handy. Pretty important when you want to turn your online project into a success.

But, it all began in the theater world, where I started as a marketing and communications officer after studying Communication and Information Science at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Communications is a beautiful profession. I feel it’s extremely important to understand what concerns your target group and speak to them in a such a way that they feel heard and understood.