Marketing Strategy Canvas

Optimize your marketing & business development efforts and achieve the results that match your organization’s ambition.

Use the Marketing Strategy Canvas to ensure a robust marketing strategy. And make the right tactical decisions.

Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

Increase the return of your marketing efforts by tailoring them to the needs and desires of your ideal client(s).

Use the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) to better understand what your ideal client(s) look like and how you can convert them into actual clients.

Thought Leadership Content Framework

Thought leadership content combines 4 things: your expertise and experience, your vision for the future, your differentiators, and market developments.

Use this canvas to create a framework for your thought leadership content.

Value Pool

The values that are most important to you, are your core values.

Core values provide guidance and direction. With everything you do. Now and in the future.

Use the Value Pool to discover your 3 to 5 core values.

Best Possible Future Canvas

Use the Best Possible Future Canvas to develop a clear and distinct vision for the future.

Combine your expertise and experience with the DESTEP trends that are shaping your clients’ industry, our world and economy.

Content Structure Canvas

Inspire your target group and set them motion with comprehensible and appealing content.

Use the Content Structure Canvas to structure your content in such a way that it will bring them (and yourself) a little closer to your envisioned future.

Content Ideation Prompt Generator

Use the power of generative AI to create a full year of content ideas.

The Content Ideation Prompt Generator helps you create 1 prompt that generates 36 content ideas; 3 ideas for each month of the year.

Thought Leadership Content Calendar

Use the Thought Leadership Content Calendar to structure your content marketing efforts and create a consistent stream of thought leadership content for your target group(s).