Generate more work that matters
for clients that care

Maybe you’re currently not thinking much about optimizing your marketing and business development efforts. And honestly, I don’t blame you.

After all, at this very moment, there’s no lack of work for your organization.

Perhaps, the opposite is true: your experts are swamped with it. Working their hardest, day in and day out, to get everything off their desks.

I do think, however, that many of your subject matter experts could do more work that matters for clients that care.

Think about the highly educated and skilled professionals in your organization. Are they working on challenging and meaningful assignments?

Are they able to pour all of their expertise and experience into projects that feel rewarding? That give them energy and keep them happy?

Are they doing work that is truly beneficial to your clients? And makes for a solid and sustainable business model for your organization – instead of a race to the bottom*?

* A Harvard featured study by DCM Insights shows professional service firms experience a sharp decline in client loyalty. Falling from 76% to 53% and expected to drop to 37%.

Previously, I helped optimize marketing & business development efforts at organizations like…

Why professional services marketing is different

In order to generate more work that matters for clients that care, you need a robust marketing strategy.

You also need to recognize that professional services marketing is different from other forms of B2B marketing.

As in professional service firms, marketing and business development are not support activities. Instead, they are important primary activities. Or at least, they should be.

When marketing services – interestingly enough – your services themselves don’t make a big difference. After all, your competitors offer similar or even the exact same services.

Knowledge can be a competitive advantage, but only for a short period of time. When you’re an expert in a certain field others will eventually catch up.

Tools & methodologies can help you be more efficient. Just like data.

Relationships, however, are the big differentiator.

Dramatically improve your marketing

I believe professional service firms can dramatically improve their marketing, if they involve the subject matter experts from their organization.

As for a professional service firm, marketing is a shared responsibility. Between the marketing department and subject matter experts, who cultivate relationships with the market and trust from their clients.

It does make sense for a professional service firm to invest heavily in a strong brand and reputation. As these drive a positive feedback loop. One that leads from attention and interest to relevant assignments, success, and an even stronger brand.

Your subject matter experts can speed up this feedback loop. Involve them in your marketing and they become your flywheel.

Obviously, their expertise & experience can be used to drive attention from the market.

However, there’s something that may be even more valuable: the relationships your subject matter experts have established and the trust they’ve gained from their (prospective) clients.

These give your organization access to relevant players in the market. And positively impact the process of turning leads into clients, since your experts are already known and trusted.