Eventually, it's all about people

In knowledge-heavy B2B organizations the emphasis is usually on professional knowledge. This makes perfect sense of course, since these organizations are knowledge-heavy. However, knowledge and expertise are hardly ever the decisive reason for clients (nor employees) to consider a collaboration.

People choose to collaborate with your organization because of your brand, because of specific knowledge and expertise, but most of all, because of your people. They are the differentiator for your organization. The way they offer their knowledge and expertise and the way they build and strengthen relationships with their target groups.

By focusing on people you can help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner. Acquire substantial new assignments, attract long-term clients, find and retain happy employees. As a strategic adviser and project manager I’d like to help you realize your goals in these areas.

Previously, I’ve had the pleasure to work for knowledge-heavy B2B organizations like…

BerenschotEYHeembouwIntertrust GroupLoyens & LoeffOrtec Financevoestalpine RailproSchiphol Real Estate

An overview of al my clients and the work I was able to do for them, can be found here.