It's all about people

Strengthening your reputation, generating leads, and attracting talent; all are required when realizing growth. Exactly what I’ve been helping knowledge-heavy B2B organizations with for the past 10 years.

These organizations often position themselves as competent, professional experts. Unfortunately, expertise is hardly ever the decisive reason for clients and employees to consider a collaboration.

They opt for your organization, because of your people. Obviously, because of their knowledge and experience. But also, because of their talents and personality.

People are the differentiator for every knowledge-heavy B2B organization.

By focusing on people (your employees and their target groups), you can help your organization realize growth in a responsible manner. As a strategic adviser, I can help you realize your goals in this area.

Previously, I’ve had the pleasure to work for knowledge-heavy B2B organizations like…

An overview of al my clients and the work I was able to do for them, can be found here.