Eventually, it’s about people

Are you responsible for marketing and/or sales in a knowledge-heavy B2B organization? Congratulations!

Due to online technology you are now able to do more, in less time. Allowing you and your organization to achieve your marketing and sales goals within the limited time you have available and focus even more on what you do best: resolve your clients challenges.


If you think (online) marketing and sales success can be derived from an (online) tool that has almost mythical powers, I have to disappoint you. Tools definitely come in handy, but success can only be achieved through an extreme focus on people. More precisely: a focus on you, your team, your colleagues, and your organization’s target groups.

Curious how we can transform (online) marketing and sales for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization, make it more people-centric and more successful?

Previously, I’ve had the pleasure to work for knowledge-heavy B2B organizations like…

BerenschotCINOP AdviesHeembouwIntertrust GroupLoyens & LoeffOrtec Financevoestalpine RailproSchiphol Real Estate

An overview of al my clients and the work I was able to do for them, can be found here.