Professional services marketing

Marketing; from strategy to execution

I help you, as a professional service firm, optimize your marketing & business development efforts. And achieve the results that match your organization’s ambition.

Together we remove the hiccups from your marketing. We ensure there’s a robust marketing strategy, scrutinize your tactics, and optimize your execution.

I help you…

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About Jochem

I believe you can dramatically improve your marketing if you involve the subject matter experts from your organization.

As, for professional service firms, marketing is a shared responsibility. It involves both the marketing department and the subject matter experts from your organization, who have the relationships with the market and the trust from their clients.

Give these experts the insights they need. And create an impact that matches your organization’s ambition.

If we do this together, I’ll give my 100%. For me a project is successful if we achieve actual, business results. If we are able to form connections and set people in motion.

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You may have skipped a step

In order to reach your marketing objectives, you probably want people within your organization to change their behavior. So, in essence, you’re managing organizational change.

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Control & convenience

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Essentially, people are always looking for the same 2 things: control & convenience. That includes the people you’re trying to interest in your services.

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Trends vs. hypes

Hypes are cool. They are new. Exciting even. Trends are totally different. They are boring. And seemingly repetitve. However, I do believe there’s a connection between the two.

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Facts and figures alone won’t cut it

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When marketing your services, facts and figures alone won’t cut it. You also need compelling stories to change what people know, what they feel and what they do.

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