B2B marketing & sales

Are you responsible for marketing and/or sales in a knowledge-heavy B2B organization? Would you like to realize growth, attract new clients, and acquire new business? You can do this by making marketing and sales efforts more online, measurable, and above all personal.

Why is this so important? Simple really. Because the world has changed. Digital technology is taking over more and more of the work we used to do, freely available information allows us to be better informed than ever before, and an enormous online social connectivity enables information to spread at a rapid pace.

At the same time, people – even today – still do business with other people. I love to help you strengthen relationships between the people within your organization and their target groups. This is how you achieve your marketing and sales goals. Online, personal, measurable, and successful!

Curious about the possibilities for your knowledge-heavy B2B organization?

Previously, I’ve had the pleasure to work for knowledge-heavy B2B organizations like…

BerenschotEYHeembouwIntertrust GroupLoyens & LoeffOrtec Financevoestalpine RailproSchiphol Real Estate

An overview of al my clients and the work I was able to do for them, can be found here.