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Essentially, people are always looking for the same 2 things: control & convenience.

Yes, that includes the people you’re trying to interest in your services. So, when marketing your services, it may help to show your potential clients…

1) How your services give them control.

and / or

2) How your services facilitate convenience.

Now, you may think: “I provide my clients with advice on recently adopted regulations. Or strategic mergers and acquisitions. Or leadership development. How am I providing control & convenience?”

Well, that’s a great question. Definitely one to ask during the next conversation you have with a client. They may answer something like:

“We’re under a lot of pressure to make green claims about our products. However, the legal landscape is changing so quickly. And the impact of a false claim on our business is huge. You’re constant updates on the changing regulatory framework give us a sense of control. We know, you’re keeping an eye out for us.”

“This merger is really stressing us out. We see the potential growth opportunity for our organization. Yet, we’re not entirely sure about the fit between our companies’ cultures. It’s very convenient that you’re performing the due diligence and making sure there’s a fit. You make us feel we’re in control of that bit of the merger.”

“We see the world is changing at a rapid pace and totally understand our leaders need to have those 21st century skills. It’s just that we don’t know where to start developing their capabilities. Nor can we actually teach them those skills and turn them into habits. It’s very convenient that you’re taking care of that for us.”

Control & convenience. That’s it.

Make sure to ask about them in your next conversation with an existing client. And highlight them in your conversations with future clients.

Hope this helps!

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