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Content Ideation Prompt Generator

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Describe what it is you do, e.g. lawyer, accountant or HR consultant.
Describe your specialty, e.g. tax law, renewable energy or business advice for scale-ups.
Do NOT just name your organization. Describe the type of organization you work for, e.g. a boutique law firm, an international accounting firm or a local top tier consulting firm.
Mention the channels you want to publish your content on, e.g. LinkedIn and a corporate website (blog).
Describe the position(s) and type(s) of organization you're targeting, e.g. legal counsel at multinationals, board members at listed companies or directors at local SMEs.
Describe what you'd like to achieve with your content, e.g. build relationships and trust with key players in the market, get recognized as the go-to-expert in your field of expertise or drive attention and interest in your services.
Describe the types of content you'd like to publish, e.g. behind the scenes, case studies, expert interviews, industry trend analysis, succes stories, testimonials, thought leadership or tips.