Eventually, it’s about people

Growth is important for every organization; new clients, new business, and new employees.

In knowledge heavy B2B organizations employees play a crucial part in realizing growth. They deliver a fundamental contribution to the growth targets of your organization by establishing and strengthening relationships with various target groups.

But, how do you maintain relationships in an era that’s dominated by digital technology? An era in which a lot of information is publicly accessible and billions of people are connected to one another through social media.

I love to think and/or work along with you, determine the possibilities for your organization and your people, and grab these chances!

Previously, I’ve had the pleasure to a.o. work for and together with the people of:

BerenschotCINOP AdviesHeembouwLoyens & LoeffSchiphol Real EstateSiemens Healthcare

An overview of al my clients and the assignments I was allowed to work on for them, can be found here.